EBA Contest winners awarded

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EBA Contest winners awarded

EBA- Drawing Contest themed “15th of July and Martyrs”; EBA-3rd Photography Contest themed “Children and Games”; EBA- 2nd Comics Contest themed “Refugees and Fraternity” organized by General Directorate o Innovation and Educational Technologies, Ministry of National Education was held on 25th of May 2017 with the attendance of Deputy Minister of National Education, Orhan ERDEM. 

Deputy Undersecretaries of The Ministry of National Education Mustafa Hilmi ÇOLAKOĞLU, Ferda YILDIRIM; G.D of YEĞİTEK Bilal TIRNAKÇI;  Director for Strategy Development Nurettin KONAKLI;  G.D of General Directorate of Measurement, Evaluation and Testing Services Bayram ÇETİN, Heads of Departments of YEĞİTEK and awarded students and teachers attended the ceremony.

In the award ceremony, Deputy Minister of National Education Orhan ERDEM stated that FATIH Project in Education aims to provide every student with 21st century skills that every students needs to have in the global competition and future generation should be raised now. He also said, “Since ground studies for FATIH Project and EBA started in 2011, we have been promoting FATIH Project and EBA platform in national and international organizations and evaluating the cooperation and innovations that have a potential to contribute to the project and the platform. It has been seen in the international fairs that there is a shift to project like FATIH Project and education ministries of many countries have been planning such projects. However, we haven’t seen any projects as comprehensive and state-funded project like FATIH Project so far.”

“EBA has become one of the greatest educational portals at short notice”

Pointing out the importance of EBA, one of the main components of FATIH Project, Mr. ERDEM said, “EBA is one of the important components of FATİH Project that aims to improve the quality of education, equal opportunities and the level of success. It has become one of the world’s greatest K-12 educational portals thanks to its rich content including videos, animations, books, interactive dictionaries, magazines, presentations, educational games and many more. Moreover, it has already become one of the most visited web sites.”

Pointing out the fact that contests unite 81 cities of the country even if they are called contests ERDEM said, “Contests expand our horizons, enrich our knowledge and develop democratic notions such as appreciating success and digestion loss. Dear students, I believe that you will grow up as young people connected to their national and emotional values. You will protect your country, flag, land and nation. You are the future of this country and you will direct our country’s future.” to the students.

ERDEM: “We aim the raise the future generation with FATİH Project’s efforts”

ERDEM also addressed teachers and said, “The education system that isn’t limited to classrooms and is merged with arts, culture and science can carry The Republic of Turkey into the 21st century. That’s why you have a great and divine burden on your shoulders. Every brick you and students lay to build this country greater has been formed with the rights of our martyrs and veterans. It is our responsibility to work hard and build good and beneficial works. What we owe to our heroes such as Nene Hatun, Kınalı Hasan and Ömer HALİSDEMİR from 15th of Jul is to work harder and harder. We will work hard. We will reach 2023 goals. However, we won’t stop there. We will realise visions of 2053 and 2071.”


“FATİH is like a fruitful and peaceful tree”

General Director of YEĞİTEK, Bilal TIRNAKÇI said, “They say that once you determine to step up, nothing is far away. While realising FATIH Project, our biggest goal is to bring remote places closer and make every member of this family become equal. Today we can see that “FATİH has become a fruitful and peaceful tree which is named EBA.”

He also said, “Knowledge is meaningful and valuable as long as it serves for humanity. We aim to encourage, help and support young people who are interested in culture and arts, sensitive to environment, following developments and improvement nationally and internationally, celebrating humanity’s happiness and looking for solutions for pain. We also aim to introduce teachers from all over this beautiful country to each other so that they can know each other and one another’s works.  Even if it’s called contest, we don’t encourage competition but sharing, the good, the beautiful and the ability to appreciate others’ happiness.”

After opening speeches, winner students and teachers were awarded. Pointing out that the number of participants from both student and teacher category are high, Mr. TIRNAKÇI, said that there were 3496 entries for EBA – 3rd Photography Contest; 1569 entries for EBA 2nd Comics Contest and  4344 entries for EBA Drawing Contest themed “15th of July and Martyrs”.  12 students and 12 teachers were awarded by EBA. In addition, ten entries from each category gained the right to be exhibited. Prizes were 4,000 Turkish Liras for the first place; 3,000 Turkish Liras for the second place; 2,000 Turkish Liras for the third place and 2,000 Turkish Liras for the special prize.