6th Malatya Anadolu Book and Culture Fair

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6th Malatya Anadolu Book and Culture Fair

6th Malatya Anadolu Book and Culture Fair started at Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Fair Centre on 5th May 2017.  FATIH Project in Education and Educational Informatics Network (EBA) were promoted and represented by General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies, Ministry of National Education.  


Mustafa TOPRAK, Governor of Malatya; Provincial Director of National Education of Malatya, Ali TATLI
; Deputy Provincial Directors of National Education of Malatya, Ali DEMİR, Nurcan BERBER; Department Chiefs Sadun KILINÇ and Oğuz TAPAN visited the booth of Ministry of National Education. Students, teachers and visitors had the chance to explore the latest developments of FATIH Project and EBA. Classroom simulations help students and teachers get to know how to use interactive boards and tablets in classrooms. Booth drew great deal of attraction from visitors of any age. Quizzes were organized among teachers, students and parents visiting booth where they also received brochures and promotional materials of FATIH Project in Educational and Educational Informatics Network (EBA).  Winners receive various gifts.



Open until 14th May, Sunday Fair is organized with the cooperation of Governorship of Malatya and Metropolitan Municipality of Malatya. Purpose of Malatya Anadolu Book Fair is to enable national and foreign literature producers, publishers, authors and translators to meet local people and create a cultural environment which will contribute to communication, interaction and reading culture.


Guest of Honour of 6th Malatya Anadolu Book organized in the memory of martyrs of 15 July was Honorary President of Union of Authors of Turkey (TYB), D. Mehmet DOĞAN. Moreover, foreign authors from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, Egypt, Greece, Palestine, Syria and United States of America attended fair hosting more than360 publishers and 300 authors.