“Digital Culture” on the new issue of Ebabil magazine

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“Digital Culture” on the new issue of Ebabil magazine

Second issue of Ebabil magazine created by Department of Communication of General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies, MoNE has been published.

Theme of the “Summer 2017” issue of the magazine is “Digital Culture”. Ebabil magazine has many essays and articles on education, informatics and culture. With its impressive illustrations, the new issue of the magazine is out.

How does the digitalization penetrated in every aspect of our lives affect us? Where do we stand in the digital transformation? How can we eliminate the damaging aspects while making use of the digitalization as individuals? How to become a conscious digital user? The answers to these questions are sought in the magazine. The titles of the Digital Culture section are: “Forming The Technology Ethics in Communication, Competences Gaining Importance with  Smart Objects and Digital Transformation, Do We Speak The Same Language?, Understanding New Generations in The Use of New Communication Technologies, Digital Culture and Equation of Educational, Digital Education Studies of The Ministry of National Education, Digital Game Design, Invisible Danger: Subliminal Messages, Challenge of Literature with Digital Culture, Digital Publishing, Let’s Look at The Sky, When A Picture of A Bird Depicts The Flying, Dangers of Cyber Environment for Children and Digital Art.”

Other than “Digital Culture”, there are sections such as Research, Culture-Art, Interview, Cultural Memory, Portrait, YEĞİTEK News and Press.

In the Research section, you can find the short interviews about how digital transformation change our life. In addition, you can find the interviews about the book “İnternet Çağında Aşk ve Istırap SANAL AŞK” by Prof Dr Kemal SAYAR and Berna YALAZ.

“Cultural Memory” continues

In addition, you can find the following articles on “Cultural Memory” with the titles: “On The Edge Of our Cultural Memory, Our Culture Crossing the Limits, Meaning of Pattern Laces and Carpets in the Context of Our Cultural Memory, Turkish Folk Dances and Careless Language Use.”

You can find in depth articles such as a book review on the book “Information Authority and Liberal Education in Digital Era” by Thomas LEITCH (Culture and Art); a research article on “Digital Cinema” (Cinema). You can get to know well-known folk poet Neşet ERTAŞ who writes about love, respect, fraternity and peace (Portrait). In addition, you can catch up with the latest developments and YEĞİTEK’s activities on YEĞİTEK News and Press.