If you are a student, ask from the authorised teacher. If you are a teacher, go on MEBBIS system to get EBA password. You can watch the instructional video to learn how to get a password via the link below. If you are a teacher in a private high school, you can get your EBA password with your E-Okul password by following the instructions on the video. Click to watch the video on "Getting Passwords for Teachers".
Log in as a teacher. You can get student passwords by entering national identity number on Student Password section. You can watch the instructional video to learn how to get the password via the link below. Click to watch the video on "Giving Password to Students".
You can get EBA 017 error because either the tablet has been registered before or you have another tablet registered on your name. In order to remove the tablet activation, send an email to adresine including tablet serial number and explaining the situation.
According to the directive issued, it is obligatory to use the given tablet for at least 4 years. Even if there is a new tablet, it can’t be replaced with the old one.
You can use your EBA password to log on E-Course. If you don’t have an EBA password, you can get it from the authorized teacher. If you are a teacher, you can log on MEBBIS system and get an EBA password.
Check Wi-Fi connection of the tablet. If it still doesn’t work, consult to the authorized teacher in the school.
The directive from Communiques Book issued in August 2015 will be the basis. Teachers and students will take tablets with them when they change their schools.
You can send an email to with the serial number of the tablet and explanation of the situation.
To be able to share news and activities, first you need to log on EBA. After logging on, you can click on “Share” on the top right of the page and share any content you like.
Teachers appointed to another school aren’t able to give EBA password to their students. Only teachers who are staffed in the current school can give passwords to students.
The content on EBA is only for secondary school and high school students for now. However, works are still being conducted about contents for primary school students.
Unfortunately, we can’t give EBA password to students from private schools for now.
Students from private schools can only access the sections accessible without a password.
They can’t get EBA passwords for now. However, related works are still being conducted.
Graduated students aren’t allowed to get EBA passwords.
No, EBA password isn’t given to the students abroad.
Assessment & Evaluation module can’t be used without an EBA password.
Both students and teachers can use their EBA password as Dyned passwords.